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About store.logicandsound.com

We opened the store in 2024 based on the design and ideas of mittnetworkmusic and hyperfocus. We’re a small independent team, but our commitment to quality and style is evident in every handcrafted product we offer.

Every purchase is a donation too! Support and helps us continue working.

Real and Limited

All our product photos are real, and each item is super special because we only make a very small amount of them. That means when you get something from us, it’s like having a rare treasure with the author’s touch.


We add some extra fun stuff in every package. Plus, our founder signs every order to make it additionally worthy personal, each item is handcrafted and authenticity is guaranteed.

Payments & Shipping

Currently we accept Bitcoin only, PayPal/Visa/MasterCard to be available after April 2024 or so.
It usually takes a couple of weeks or more to get your order delivered. You’ll get tracking number as soon as we dispatch the order.
If you’re to purchase something that’s not ready yet or out of stock, it might take 3-4 weeks.
You got any problems or wanna question about refunds? Please contact us immediately.


We don’t collect any personal information, and we don’t watch or log what you do here. Your privacy is important, and we want you to feel safe shopping with us.